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Friday, 1 May 2009

Telegraph Article

On wednesday there was an article in the Telegraph on what it is that makes children read. As a school librarian that is reasonably active, I was quite taken aback by how the article stated that reading does not happen in schools and that it is at home where children are learning to read and being engaged in reading. I can only imagine that this is a side swipe at the curriculum and lack of whole book reading that occurs, something that Michael Rosen commented throughout his Laureateship. But the article did not mention at all the work that goes on in libraries. Sometimes a school library is the only place where a child will have access to books. The article praises parents for the work they do but there is no mention of other organisations such as the Federation, Literacy Trust, Booktrust etc where so much work goes on. Anyway moan over, it is nice to see more about reading in the national press, you just wish that maybe the articles reflected real life better!!

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