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I currently work as a school librarian at a school in Welwyn Garden City in Herts. I am also the Chair of the Federation of Children's Book Groups a National Reading and Literacy Charity as well as being founder of National Non-Fiction Day. I also work as an indepedent consultant to publishers, schools and librarans

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A new lit experience

Myself and one of our english in school have started our own blog with the expectation of hwlping students to raise their awareness of literature through a different medium. We are directed the students to the site as often as possible and aim to have a number of things running through the blog. One of these is to offer students the chance to work out which literary characters we are pretending to be as we write our own versions of tweets for the characters we have chosen. I will giving students tips on the process of creative writing - I was once a published poet don't you know!! Our english teacher will be giving info about gcse and a level texts and we will be keeping students up to date with what we are reading as well as offering up any good websites that they may find useful in their study of english lit.
Its going to be a very refreshing use of technology and something that will hopefully grow within the school!!
If you want to take a look visit litexperience.wordpress.com

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